Welcome To The Cowboy Church Of Benson
The Gospel With Dust On Your Boots

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              The Cowboy Church Of Benson

We're Ridin' For The Brand!

God's plan for your salvation See Here!  So Just What Is A Cowboy Church? Listen Here 

The Cowboy Church Of Benson is located in the building just behind The historic "Arena Bar" on the west end of town in Benson, Arizona. Follow the signs to The Cowboy Church when you get to the arena grounds. We're real easy to find. 

Don't worry what's on your boots, just come on in! We're here to preach the Gospel of Jesus to folks like us. There's lots of Country Gospel pickin' and singin', ranch rodeo arena events every month and a joyful spirit found nowhere else on earth! 

Sunday Services Start at 10:00 AM - but get here a little early! 

Get here a little early for some pickin' and grinnin', coffee and cake and lots of fellowship. Come worship with us. We can guarantee you'll be glad you did! Pastor Brian Kelly delivers the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus straight from the Bible directly to your heart!

Remember, the Cowboy Church Of Benson is in the building used for banquets and special events which is just behind the Historic Arena Bar. The bar is completely closed on Sunday during our services.

The owners of this beautiful historic landmark establishment were gracious enough to let us use this room for our church services as we often use the arena grounds for our ranch rodeo events.